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To estimate the amount of paint needed for a room, you’ll first need to calculate the total square footage of the walls to be painted. Measure the length of each wall and multiply it by the height of the room, then add up these values for all walls. Once you have the total square footage, you can typically expect one gallon of paint to cover around 350-400 square feet of surface area with one coat. However, this can vary based on factors like the texture of the walls and the type of paint used. For a more accurate estimate, divide the total square footage by the coverage area per gallon of your chosen paint brand. Don’t forget to account for additional coats if needed, as well as any non-paintable areas like windows and doors. It’s always a good idea to purchase slightly more paint than calculated to ensure you have enough to complete the job without interruptions.

Also, be aware that there might be a host of unseen issues that need to be addressed: holes in the wall, moisture, old paint, wallpaper, unsmooth surfaces, electrical outlets, damaged walls, hard-to-reach areas, etc. These issues might require additional paint or other tools to get the job done right. Of course, we’re here to help, so contact us, and we’ll be right over.

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